Transcript: Previous Attorney Typical William Barr on “Confront the Nation,” June 18, 2023

The adhering to is a transcript of an job interview with previous Legal professional Standard William Barr that aired on “Confront the Nation” on June 18, 2023.

ROBERT COSTA: We’re joined now by William Barr. He served as Attorney Basic less than former President Trump. His ebook Just one Damn Issue Right after Yet another is now out there in paperback. Very good early morning. Mr. Barr, thank you for currently being right here. 

Previous Lawyer Common WILLIAM BARR: Thanks for inviting me, Bob.  

ROBERT COSTA: Former President Trump now claims all people other than you claims this indictment is about election interference and ought to not have been introduced. He stated you know the indictment is total B.S. That is his- that is our shorthand for what he in fact reported. He is also identified for seeing the Sunday displays, and he definitely saw your overall look on another network final Sunday. Why is he mistaken about this? 

FMR. Lawyer Basic BARR: Properly, you know, this is- this is not a circumstance wherever he is the sufferer or that this is government overreach. He provoked this total difficulty himself. Yes, he has been the victim of unfair witch hunts in the past. But that isn’t going to obviate the point that he is also a basically flawed particular person who engages in reckless perform, and that sales opportunities to situations, calamitous situations like this, which are really damaging and harm any political cause he is involved with. And this was a scenario, entirely of his personal generating. He had no appropriate to those documents. The govt tried for more than a calendar year, quietly and with respect, to get them again, which was important that they do, and he jerked them close to. And he had no authorized foundation for preserving them. But further than that, when- when he confronted his subpoena, he failed to elevate any lawful arguments. He engaged in a training course of deceitful perform, according to the- the indictment, that was a distinct criminal offense if those people allegations are correct, and were being- was outrageous. What he did was he, in accordance to the indictment, is he took the documents out of storage, led his law firm to imagine that he’d be conducting a full research of the packing containers, and then trigger his law firm to file with the court a little something indicating that he experienced finished a look for.

ROBERT COSTA: How powerful is the exclusive counsel’s situation on obstruction exclusively?

FMR. Legal professional Typical BARR: Nicely, it can be really sturdy, due to the fact a whole lot of the evidence will come from his personal attorneys. And also, you can find proof of him expressing factors that are fully incompatible with any notion that this was an harmless document dispute. 

ROBERT COSTA: Do you believe he lied to the Justice Office? 

FMR. Attorney General BARR: Do I individually feel it? Indeed, I do. 

ROBERT COSTA: And do you think that- that he continues to claim that he has all these privileges and rights below the Presidential Data Act, is he mischaracterizing the act? 

FMR. Legal professional Typical BARR: Unquestionably. The authorized principle by which he will get to choose fight strategies and delicate nationwide security facts as his personal papers is absurd. It truly is just as wacky as the authorized doctrine they arrived up with for obtaining the vice president unilaterally figure out who received the election. The total objective of the statute, the Presidential Data Act, is- was to halt presidents from getting formal files out of the White Household. It was passed after Watergate. That’s the total function of it. And for that reason it restricted what a president can just take. It claims it’s purely personal, that have absolutely nothing to do with the deliberations of authorities policy. Obviously, these documents are not purely non-public, it is really clear. And they’re not even now arguing that it is really purely non-public. What they are declaring is the President just has sweeping discretion to say they are, even even though they squarely don’t tumble in just the definition. It’s an absurd argument. 

ROBERT COSTA: Do you think if he is convicted, he should really provide his prison sentence? 

Effectively, I you should not- we have not even gotten to the stage of whether or not he is been convicted and also what his sentence really should be–

ROBERT COSTA: If it happens?

FMR. Lawyer Standard BARR: You know, I you should not like the idea of a former president serving time in jail.

ROBERT COSTA: Republicans keep on being significant of the Lawyer Typical who spoke out this 7 days as well as Director Wray at the FBI, they’ve rallied the Trump side. Are they erroneous to say that this Justice Division is performing in a political way? 

FMR. Attorney Standard BARR: Effectively, if they’re pointing to this case, I believe they’re incorrect. I consider the Department experienced no alternative but to seek individuals documents. Their basic argument actually just isn’t to defend his carry out, mainly because Trump’s perform is indefensible. What they are genuinely declaring is, he need to get a pass mainly because Hillary Clinton bought a pass 6 or 7 yrs back. Now, I consider, you know, that is not a frivolous argument. But I- I am not sure which is accurate. I feel if you want to restore the rule of regulation and equal justice, you do not do it by additional derogating from justice. You do it by implementing the correct common right here. And which is not unfair to Trump, due to the fact this is not a scenario in which Trump is harmless and currently being unfairly hounded. He fully commited the criminal offense, or if he did commit the crime, it really is not unfair to maintain them to that standard. 

ROBERT COSTA: You say Trump’s alleged conduct is indefensible. So a lot of Republicans continued to protect him. What will it say if the party, your longtime social gathering, puts him ahead as their nominee? 

FMR. Attorney General BARR: Perfectly, that’s the issue. I will not believe they’re really defending his perform, but they are saying it’s unfair to prosecute him. But that then raises a different query. Alright, if it really is unfair to prosecute, and that’s not the full response. The dilemma is, must we be putting another person like this ahead as the chief of the nation, chief of the free earth, who is engaged in this type of carry out? The other point is, this is not just an isolated instance. Trump has, you know, has many superior features, and he accomplished some good points. But the point of the issue is, he is a consummate narcissist. And he consistently engages in reckless perform that- that puts his political followers at threat and- and- and the conservative and Republican agenda at threat– 

ROBERT COSTA: Would he put the nation at possibility if he was in the White Household yet again?

FMR. Attorney Basic BARR: He- he will always put his own passions, and gratifying his individual ego, ahead of anything else, which includes the country’s fascination, you will find no question about it. This is a best instance of that. He is like, you know, he is like a nine calendar year aged, defiant nine year outdated child who’s often pushing the glass towards the edge of the table, defying his dad and mom to stop him from accomplishing it. It is a implies of self assertion and exerting his dominance around other people today. And he is a incredibly petty individual who will constantly set his passions forward of the country’s, his individual gratification of his, you know, his moi, but our place- our country can’t, you know, won’t be able to be a therapy session for you know, a troubled gentleman like this. 

ROBERT COSTA: This is not the only specific counsel investigation, an ongoing one particular on January 6th, so several witnesses staying known as in, you were the star witness for the Dwelling January 6th. Committee. Are you inclined to testify? Or have you previously testified before the exclusive counsel? 

FMR. Attorney General BARR: Effectively, if they, you know, if they get in touch with me in as a witness, of study course, I would- would testify, but all I explained was what I stated, you know, what I recounted in my e-book about this total tale about a stolen election. 

ROBERT COSTA: Have you talked to them in any way at the rear of the scenes, if not formal testimony? 

FMR. Legal professional Standard BARR: Perfectly, I am not heading to get into any communications I experienced with the govt, but I do not be expecting to be a witness, but I am going to be happy to be one if I am named. 

ROBERT COSTA: Trump was just indicted and arraigned in the records scenario. Do you think he’s a goal, possibly, in the January 6th circumstance? 

FMR. Lawyer Common BARR: Sure. And I’ve explained from the beg- by the way, I’ve defended him when I imagine you will find scenarios that are unfair, like the one up in New York and so forth. And I’ve always said, I feel the January 6th circumstance will be a difficult case to make due to the fact of Very first Modification desire. But I am basically starting off to feel they will pull the set off on that, and I would hope it to be this summer season. 

ROBERT COSTA: Do you consider the Fulton County District Lawyer Fani Willis will indict Trump in Ga?

FMR. Attorney Normal BARR: Yeah, I will not know significantly about her situation. I you should not know if it is, you know, a seem scenario or not. I’m skeptical about that. But I will- if–

ROBERT COSTA: Why are you skeptical? 

FMR. Lawyer Typical BARR: Again, for the reason that of the Initial Modification interests. You know, we will not want to get into a place the place folks are not able to complain about an election, and assert that an election–


ROBERT COSTA: Trump said on tape he needs the Secretary of State to find votes. 

FMR. Legal professional Normal BARR: Yeah, I know. But, you know, you will find- they are innocent interpretations of what he reported, you know, which is, glance, of all the votes that we feel are terrible. you definitely can uncover amongst them some that are slam dunk, but whether that’s the appropriate interpretation or not, I- I am much more skeptical of that situation. But on the other hand, I assume it’s possible that will be brought.

ROBERT COSTA: Former Lawyer Basic William Barr, we genuinely respect you having the time to stop by. And “Confront the Nation” will be correct back. Do not go away.

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